Updates :)

12 May

Yes its been a while.. almost a month. give me a break im new to all this haha. its been a crazy few weeks. Schools almost over YAHHHHHH thats when all the teachers decide they want to give you as much hw as they can, plus test, finals, EOC Tests, State testing, need i go on.?! its crazy. this month was also my birthday month.. just celebrated it last week 😉 had so much fun… nothing too crazy. im still in love with this one bag that i got for myself as a birthday gift hahah why wait for other people to buy gifts 😀 i got it at this one store called Charming Charlies. I do not recomend going there because you will get ADDICTED to it. It is an amazing accessory centered shop. I know i wont be able to find a link to the bag that i got but i will try and take a picture or find some links of bags similar to it.

my bag has similar chain and studding detail.

Also prom is coming round the corner at my school..well more like this saturday but no i will not be going this year. I dont know im just not as excited as i thought i would be for it ill just go next year. While im in the topic of prom i found this amazing website well my mom found it.. it has amazing prom dresses that can fit into anyone’s style.

Thats all for now.

P.S if you ever searching for a great blog you should definitely check out my friend’s blog :


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